Church of Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary

Chosen-Lesson #1

Welcome to CHOSEN!

OPENING PRAYER - Read carefully, reverently (Page 1)

(We are skipping Page 2 for obvious reasons, although you could try it with your family.)

Complete My Five Personal Goals. What do you want out of life? Do you want to be rich? Famous? Fall in love? Have a family? Become a leader in science, politics, athletics? Write these in your book.

Watch Lesson 1, Segment #2 (Page 3)


There are many possible reasons for people to be taking this class. The most common one is that your family wants you to continue to Confirmation. Whatever the reason, it is no accident that you are reading this today. God has chosen you to embark on a journey toward truth. He wants you to find the truth and happiness that you will never stop searching for.
We expect you to watch the videos and read the text with an open mind. We expect you to complete and submit the assignments in a timely fashion. We expect you to respect our Catholic traditions and this process leading to Confirmation.
You are to complete 10 hours of community service for each year of the Confirmation program, for a total of 20 hours. Forms are available for recording these hours. You also have a list of suggested service activities. These can be done on your own or with your family, but you must be an active participant.
Two retreats are required. The first is usually done in your first year, but you can do both first and second in your second year if needed. No retreats have been scheduled at this time.
We expect you to attend Mass when possible. It is a fundamental part of our faith and worship. It is understandable that some families will not attend in person due to situations such as the current pandemic. On those Sundays, you should try to watch that week’s Catholic Mass on TV, YouTube or Facebook. Act like you are in church. Don’t slouch in bed or eat. Stand, sit, kneel, and say the prayers! Keep in mind that this is not the same as attending Mass. The message of the scriptures is important, but the Eucharist, the True Presence, does not come to you through the screen.




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