Church of Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary

Adult Faith Formation

Our parish emphasizes faith formation as a life-long journey developing a relationship with Jesus.  At the heart is the Eucharist which is celebrated on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, as well as early weekday mornings.  Friday, Mass is held at noon followed by Adoration and Benediction.

We encourage adult members to continue to grow in their understanding of God through our rich Roman Catholic tradition and Holy Scripture.  To this end, we also offer special programming with discussions that we hope you will engage in.  On social media, we have a Facebook Page where we feature daily inspirations, parish life photos & events, Catholic news from around the world, and special reflections with prayer.

We look to the adults as examples of great stewards of the church.  We encourage everyone to find a ministry they can participate in, or try a few, to help you develop your faith.  Our hope is that parents will want to be an example and teach their children by coming to Mass each week and participating in a ministry(ies) as much as possible.


For Advent 2020, please join us for Dynamic Catholic's Best Advent Ever: