Church of Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary

Hispanic Ministry

  Our Hispanic ministry at Nativity parish seeks to meet the pastoral needs of Hispanics living in the NW Monroe County area. We try to provide welcome, support and a gathering place for the Hispanics / Latinos living in our area. For this we offer a community in which to grow and celebrate their faith in their own language. To achieve this goal, we celebrate Mass every Sunday, have Bible studies in the parish and in homes, visit the Hispanic families living in the area, the sick and incarcerated, and the camps where immigrant workers are located. At the same time, we offer them the spiritual and material support they need. There are two Spanish-speaking priests and one Hispanic ministry coordinator who can listen to and support them in their spiritual lives, and also help their material needs through a sharing of food and clothing. We can also support them with transportation to go to the doctor or the court, and in everything related to their immigration problems.

In our community we celebrate the sacraments, especially Baptisms, First Communions and Marriages. In addition, we try to maintain Hispanic / Latino religious and cultural traditions: Day of the Dead, Our Lady of Guadalupe, inns, Christmas,3k4mpilr0inzbrgp3vx8m6bshql.jpg Epiphany, Candlemas, etc. Also, every year, we welcome immigrant workers working in the countryside, through a special Welcome Celebration, which includes Mass, food and sport. 

Finally, we seek to train them in faith through Bible Study and formation courses, both in the parish and in the Hispanic Pastoral Institute of the Diocese of Rochester, whose ultimate goal is to form leaders who serve the community.

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